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Answers to common questions


Q: What's a continuing care retirement community?

A: Edgewood Summit is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC). This means we offer several levels of more advanced care on-site, along with traditional independent and assisted living. 



Q: What's the difference between the independent living at Edgewood Summit and additional levels of care?

A: Independent living means exactly that: you’ll continue to enjoy the independent life you’re used to—just without the hassle of home maintenance. Likewise, assisted living is what it sounds like as well: residents are in generally good health but need a little extra day-to-day assistance. As a CCRC, however, we also offer a continuing care neighborhood. This neighborhood is located on-campus and provides memory care, short-term rehabilitation, respite care and skilled nursing. Edgewood Summit residents have priority placement to these services, and can provide assurance to residents and their families if and when needed.



Q: Do I need to be a resident of Edgewood Summit to come to the continuing care neighborhood?

A: In order to have the best value and priority placement in higher levels of care, it is beneficial to be a resident in independent living first. However, you or your loved one can come to our assisted living or memory support continuing care neighborhood without being a resident of Edgewood Summit. You must be a resident of independent living, assisted living or memory support prior to a permanent stay in skilled nursing or short-term rehabilitation.



Q: Who determines what type of care I need?

A: Our full-time administrator, director of nursing, and social workers will work with you or your family to complete an assessment in order to determine what level of care would most benefit you or your loved one.



Q: How structured is my day? Do I have to go to bed and wake up at a certain time?

A: Residents are free to structure their day and sleeping schedule however they choose. Additionally, we do not use a disruptive public address system. All communications are private between residents and staff.



Q: Can I have guests over?

A: Definitely. Visitors are welcome. There’s no need to call ahead. This is your home, and your guests are always free to drop by and see you.



Q: Are guests allowed to dine with me?

A: Absolutely. We encourage your guests to dine with you whenever possible. Please call ahead to ensure adequate seating. Guests will be charged a reasonable fee for their meal. We also have a side room that can be reserved for family gatherings or parties.



Q: Do you allow pets?

A: We allow well-behaved small pets in independent living only, and will be happy to discuss pets on a case-by-case basis. Please mention this to our staff when you arrive for a visit.



Q: Why choose a nonprofit CCRC?

A: As a nonprofit organization, Edgewood Summit exists to serve the community, not create profits for shareholders. We reinvest our revenue into our community in order to provide additional or better services and programs for residents. In addition, having our nonprofit status changes our tax status, which also helps keep costs lower.



Q: Do you provide transportation?

A: Yes. We have regularly scheduled shuttles and cars that can transport residents to medical appointments, pharmacies, shopping and errands. We also schedule trips to Charleston-area events as well as day trips to other areas for entertainment.



Q: What if I want to keep my own car?

A: You can keep your own car as long as you want. We have free parking available or garage space for an addtional monthly fee.



Q: Do you have any rooms for out-of-town family members or friends?

A: Yes. We have a suite that can be rented for short-term family/friends' stay. Please call us to discuss availability and cost.



Q: Is Edgewood Summit religiously affiliated?

A: Edgewood Summit is non-denominational and embraces all faiths and traditions.



Q: What happens when the time comes to move from one area of the community to another?

A: This process can change depending on the areas of the community which you are exiting and entering. Our staff will work with you to determine what is best for your situation on a case-by-case basis.


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