Coronavirus Precautions | May 1, 2020

WV Governor Jim Justice has outlined a plan to reopen various aspects of the state’s economy with a slow, methodical approach based upon phases over the next six weeks. If the rate of positive COVID-19 cases remains low, then the plan phases will continue to move forward in small increments.

As the economy begins a slow reopening, I must remind everyone at Edgewood Summit that our community has not been advised to reopen yet. Due to safety concerns for our highest-risk population, there is no timetable to make any changes at this time. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests this time period of partial reopening is one of continued high risk for retirement communities, assisted living and nursing homes. It is extremely important that we do not take unnecessary risks and allow fewer restrictions until it is safe to do so. Edgewood Summit has worked hard to maintain the safety of our residents and employees; therefore, making hasty decisions now is unwise and shortsighted. COVID-19 remains a very serious virus for which there is no vaccine and no cure. We have seen how quickly the virus can spread and how even those without symptoms can carry and spread the virus to others. We must remain restricted to visitors, continue to use masks, keep 6 feet apart for social distancing, and wash hands and disinfect with great frequency.

We rely on the continued cooperation of our entire team of residents, family members and employees. Please do not put our community at risk by taking these restrictions lightly. We must insist everyone continue to abide by the guidelines for everyone’s safety.

Thank you, and we will continue to keep everyone updated should any significant changes be planned or occur.