COVID-19 Update | June 20, 2022

Happy WV Day to all! Thank you to everyone who cooperated with our COVID testing last Thursday.  We have received all of the results from the testing and have the updated totals below.   The one new case in Independent Living was traveled related and not due to onsite exposure.  The Ridgemont is not affected at this time.  The Hodges Center had one positive Employee case and tested with no additional cases found.

On Wednesday, June 22nd Independent Living will resume small group activities and dining will resume breakfast and lunch while dinner will remain delivery for just a bit longer.  Virtual activities and delivery for meals will continue at no extra delivery charge through the end of the month of June.

The Salon will resume services with social distancing and masks required.  Leslie Newsome will be unable to schedule appointments due to an injury which requires a lengthy recovery.  As a result, Sandy Williams will expand her schedule and Fil Kirk will return from retirement to help out in the interim.  Contact Sandy Williams at 304-550-6767 to schedule an appointment.

No testing this week.

Masks are mandatory in all public areas of the Community for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

Active Cases             Recovered

  Residents in Independent Living                                       1                           13

  Employees in Independent Living                                     0                          10

  Employees in the Hodges Center                                      1                           0

  Totals                                                                                  2                         23

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.