Covid Safety Update

January 14, 2022

Edgewood Summit has had four additional people test positive for COVID since our last update on January 12, 2022.  Two are Employees who work privately as Caregivers for Residents.  Two are Employees in Direct Care – 1 in The Ridgemont and 1 at the Hodges Center.  Thankfully, we have 100 percent of our Residents vaccinated and boosted which has helped everyone have mild symptoms and recover.  Employees are vaccinated at 99.0 percent with Booster numbers not updated at the current time.

Our summary of COVID information is as follows:

                                                            Active Cases                                      Recovered

Residents in The Ridgemont                        8                                                      3

Employees in The Ridgemont                      9                                                      5

Residents in Independent Living                 7                                                      2

Residents in the Hodges Center                   0                                                      0

Employees in the Hodges Center                 1                                                      0

Employees in Other Departments               4                                                      2 

Private Contractors/Caregivers                   5                                                      1 

Total                                                              34                                                   13                                             

Any individual who tests positive for COVID is advised to contact friends, family, etc. in which he/she has had direct and sustained contact within the days preceding illness to advise of possible exposure.  Direct contact is defined as close contact without masks and without social distancing for a period of 15 minutes or longer.  Edgewood Summit will also call you if we are aware of any exposures to an individual who tests positive.

A good quality mask is important.  Edgewood Summit provided Residents a KN95 mask last week and additional KN95 masks are for sale in the Café at a nominal charge.  Also recommended are N95 masks or wearing two surgical masks or 1 surgical mask with 1 cloth mask.  Please ensure your mask is worn snuggly over your mouth and nose when in contact with others.

Each Resident who tests positive for COVID is asked to self-isolate for at least 10 days and have no fever for 24 hours without medications and your symptoms are resolving or have resolved.  After the 10-day period, each Resident is contacted to ensure improvements in health will allow for the end to self-isolation. 

Testing continues to be available for those who experience symptoms or based upon exposure. Exposure testing is now recommended to wait at least 2 days following exposure.  If a negative result, testing is not repeated until day 5-7 if asymptomatic.  Testing is no longer recommended at the end of the period of self-isolation as positive COVID individuals who have recovered are able to test positive for up to 90 days following illness.

Entry to the main building continues through the Independent Living lobby while The Ridgemont is using outbreak protocols.  Screening continues to be done upon entry for all. Visitation at The Ridgemont is limited to compassionate care and may be arranged by calling the Nursing Department in advance.  The Independent Living and Hodges Center visitation is unchanged. 

Group activities, meetings and events are not taking place at this time.  Meals are continuing to be delivered to homes and the Café is for take-out only.  The Hair Salon did close this past week and will be closed until at least Tuesday, January 18.  Transportation is for essential services only (doctor appointment, pharmacy, groceries, etc.) and social distances are maintained on the Edgewood Summit bus and sedan.  Housekeeping services are every other week or upon request if between appointments.  The Fitness Center is to be used by no more than two people at a time to allow for social distancing to be maintained.  Please sanitize the equipment after use when possible or contact Housekeeping for assistance.

We appreciate your continued patience, cooperation and support as we all do our part to come through this latest surge in a safe and healthy way.   Thank you.