COVID19 Update

Edgewood Summit has had no positive COVID cases in over 20 days and no longer is using outbreak protocols on our campus.  The previously reported positive cases have all recovered with the exception of two Residents we lost in October 2020.

The COVID #2 Vaccination Clinic was completed last week with second doses given to those Residents and Employees who participated in the previous clinic.  Many first doses were administered to Residents and Employees and we were pleased to be able to vaccinate Direct Care and Support Staff as well.  COVID Vaccination Clinic #3 is planned in 3 weeks and will include only second doses.  No other onsite Clinics are planned at this time.  Clinic #3 is scheduled for the week of January 25 with more information to follow.

The number of Residents who received COVID vaccinations total approximately 99 percent.  We consider this a great response by our Residents and indicative of how important vaccines are to seniors.  Employee hesitancy remains a factor for those being vaccinated for COVID.  The COVID vaccination rate for Employees is approximately 51 percent.  Edgewood Summit considers the COVID vaccinations a “Best Practice” for infection control and will to continue to educate others to get vaccinated.  The second Clinic did afford more vaccinations of Direct Care and Ancillary Staff in addition to Residents and Employees.

Edgewood Summit encourages no reduction in the COVID precautions being followed as the infection rate for COVID remains very high in Kanawha County and the surrounding area.  We must give others the chance to get the COVID vaccine and catch-up to afford less restrictions.  The vaccine does not provide full immunity of 95 percent until approximately 14 days following the second dose.  Even after the 14 days, complete immunity does not exist and each vaccinated person can remain a carrier and could potentially infect others.  Therefore, caution and patience are the keys to continued success:

  • Continue to properly wear a Mask in the building and socially distance from others at a minimum of 6 feet.
  • Hand wash frequently.
  • Direct care, end of life and compassionate care visits to Residents are permitted.  A COVID negative test within the past 5 days may be necessary prior to the visit.
  • Small group Dining and Activities is planned to resume in the near future.
  • Housekeeping at pre-COVID levels is being planned to resume soon.
  • Transportation to essential but non-medical destinations are permitted.
  • All entry screening is through the main lobbies of the Hodges Center, the Ridgemont and the main entrance for the Edgewood Summit building.

More updates will be provided as additional information becomes known.  Thank you for your continued support.  Stay safe.