Safety Update | July 30, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the State of West Virginia and the President of the United States are still urging all Adults and Children ages 12 and older to get vaccinated for the COVID 19 Virus as the Delta Variant is becoming a serious threat and spreading rapidly.  The new Delta Variant which originated in India is an increased threat to those who are unvaccinated and now accounts for 99 percent of deaths and 95 percent of hospitalizations if you are unvaccinated.  Unfortunately, the Delta Variant is also a threat to those who are vaccinated due to the high viral load and the highly infectious nature of this strain.  Due to those reasons, Edgewood Summit must ask all to be extra cautious and vigilant.  Even though the mask mandate in many public places has been lifted, Edgewood Summit is strongly urging all to wear masks while indoors in public areas both on our campus and offsite.  Other restrictions may be coming as we watch the positive cases of the Delta Variant very carefully.  Most officials are predicting another surge in the next 2 weeks.  Please prepare now and watch for more information to follow.

Edgewood Summit is encouraged with the Employee and Auxiliary Staff vaccination rate which currently stands at 72.0 percent.  The Resident vaccination rate now stands at 100.0 percent.  Incentives are still available for vaccinated Edgewood Summit Employees in an attempt to reach our goal of 75.0 percent vaccinated.  Each unvaccinated Employee receives a free day of Paid Time Off (PTO) for getting vaccinated and we are offering a Gift Card once fully vaccinated.  We are sharing vaccination testimonials each week and helping Employees through our continued pharmacy partnership with RX by Tel.  Minimum numbers of vaccine are no longer required and doses are available anytime with a prior reservation made directly with the pharmacy.  Unvaccinated Employees continue to be tested twice per week as mandated by Governor Jim Justice and our vigilant sanitizing efforts continue.  We have had no positive cases in many weeks. 

While Edgewood Summit must continue wearing masks in indoor public, common areas of the building, Staff must continue to wear masks in all areas.  Masks are not required while Residents participate in Activities as long as all are fully vaccinated.   Outside guests are invited to the Independent Living Dining Room as long as each guest is fully vaccinated.  Reservations are preferred for all and vaccination cards must be shown for entry by guests to the Independent Living Dining Room.  Delivery service for orders to Independent Living Apartments continues with the normal delivery fees applicable.  The Health Care areas (The Ridgemont and Hodges Center) must be patient a little while longer where guest dining is concerned and delivery services will remain complimentary.  This is stipulated by health care requirements.

The Edgewood Summit Guest Apartment is open to outside reservations and guest stays however, all guests residing in the Guest Apartment must be fully vaccinated and show their vaccination card upon check-in.  Overnight guests must continue to follow all safety guidelines as a condition of their stay.

Please get tested if symptoms of COVID are suspected and do not enter the building without being screened.  All current protocols are subject to change.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.