With one decision, you secure so much.

There’s often a misperception that a full-service retirement lifestyle is too expensive. As you begin your retirement planning, be sure to investigate all that’s included in the cost of each option. When you take a close look, you’ll discover there’s a tremendous value in Edgewood Summit, the only CCRC in the Kanawha Valley.

Our health care discount

Here, you’re protected against the rising costs of long-term care. When you move to our community as an independent living resident, you’ll receive a 20 percent discount for all permanent moves to any level of living at Edgewood Summit — for life.

The two basic costs of living at Edgewood Summit

Refundable Resident Deposit
Independent living residents pay a one-time expense called the Resident Deposit. This fee guarantees you a residence at the community and priority access to our continuum of care. The Resident Deposit is refundable based upon the plan chosen to you or your family.

One-bedrooms starting at $170,275, with some discounts available.

Two-bedrooms starting at $261,225

Monthly service package

This monthly fee covers all your expenses of living at Edgewood Summit, with the exception of telephone and internet service. Because Edgewood Summit is a CCRC, this fee is predictable, remaining the same all year.

Monthly fees starting at $2,300 for a one-bedroom and $3,828 for a two-bedroom. There is an additional $1,650 per month fee for a second person. Ask how you can discount your monthly rate by 20% with different contract options!


The advantages of choosing a community with an Entrance Fee.

We offer a financial plan to independent living residents that includes a highly refundable entrance fee, called the Resident Deposit. Listed here are several advantages to this structure over other options.

Superior financial structure

The Resident Deposit provides a strong and proven financial position for the community. Residents and their families can rest assured Edgewood Summit is stable and will exist into the foreseeable future.

Reduce monthly fees
Resident Deposits reduce the monthly service charges, which helps residents control their monthly expenses. This is a valued benefit for many seniors living on a fixed income. Without the Resident Deposit, monthly fees would be substantially higher.

More vibrant residents
It’s well documented that senior living communities using Resident Deposits attract a healthier and more active resident population than other kinds of retirement housing.

Preservation of residents’ estates
The refundable portion of the Resident Deposit is returned to the resident or the resident’s estate, regardless of how long they live at the community or in which level of living. Monthly service charges are spent invested in the running of the community, but the majority of the Resident Deposit belongs to the resident forever.

Stronger resident financial profile
Residents feel secure knowing they’ve planned for their futures and are still planning today; this foresight gives all residents the resources to live in a retirement community. Rest assured you’ll live among like-minded, financially secure neighbors.

A sense of ownership
With the refundable Resident Deposit, residents know they’re in charge of their future. And at Edgewood Summit, a nonprofit organization, costs stay more consistent because the community is run for the benefit of the residents, not outside shareholders.

To learn more about the benefits of planning your retirement at Edgewood Summit, please complete the form on this page. We’ll be in touch shortly.