Holleran Award

Edgewood Summit Accepts Resident Engagement Award

Seventy-seven communities hailed for their exemplary efforts in creating a culture of engagement and satisfaction.

Holleran, the nation’s leading research firm specializing in senior living and community engagement, has announced the 2018 recipients of their new “Choice Community Award.”

The Choice Community Award recognizes organizations with strong cultures of engagement. Awards are granted by exceeding Holleran’s “Engagement Index” benchmark with a mean score of 85 or higher, on a 100-point scale. This places all recipients within the top 15% of the more than 700 surveyed communities nationwide.

“For a community to earn the ‘Choice Community Award’, it must be a cut above,” says Michele Holleran, CEO. “To become a Choice Community recipient is to earn a distinction that is truly meaningful. It means that the campus is a place where engagement is deeply felt; a place where residents are successfully aging and where employees are passionate.”

Holleran has the largest benchmark of its kind, measuring both resident and employee engagement in the senior living space. Currently, the benchmark comprises more than 160,000 resident and employee surveys, all completed within the last two years. This enables organizations to compare their performance to their peers, whether they are across the road or across the country. Utilizing this extensive body of research, Holleran’s “Choice Community Awards” recognizes the most engaging senior living organizations in the nation.

About Holleran: Holleran is a full-service community engagement research and consulting firm with offices in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Learn more at http://www.holleranconsult.com
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