Edgewood Summit Residents Find a New Beat in Drum Circle Program

A group of Edgewood Summit residents in Charleston are learning to live life to a whole new beat. Once a month they grab drumsticks and rattles to create rhythm that’s adding some groove to their souls.

Edgewood Summit resident Ann Morris is the woman behind the drum circle program launch. She took a similar class several years ago and thought it would be a great addition to the abundance of activities already offered at the community.

The class is designed to encourage self-expression, facilitate communication and promote well-being. Scientists have found that playing an instrument improves the memory, hearing and self-esteem of seniors.

Local instructor Sheila McEntee directs the residents, who range in age from their 60s to their 90s, to play the beautiful handmade drums of all sizes and shapes. No prior experience is needed.

Ann says the program has brought so much joy to her life that she’s even purchased her own set of drums to begin playing and practicing at home.