Paul Howard

Resident Paul Howard Working His 71st Year With Local Radio Station

Edgewood Summit resident Paul Howard, 91, started in the radio business right after serving in World War II. He heard a Pittsburgh radio announcer say a few words between songs, and decided that was what he wanted to pursue as a career.

Although many would say he wasn’t the strongest student in announcer school, he had multiple doors open up for him after graduation, which led him to roles ranging from a DJ to a manager, program director, and eventually an ad salesman, which is the position he continues to excel in to this day, 71 years later.

Mr. Howard continues to work 1/2 days 5 days a week, despite is lagging health, which requires him to receive treatment for malfunctioning arteries each afternoon.

He was inducted into the West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame in 2006.

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Photo courtesy of Kenny Kemp of the West Virginia Gazette.