Discover why residents chose Edgewood Summit — and what they love most about it.

In residents’ own words.

"Hats off to the waitstaff, the chef and our baker for the delicious meals we receive, no place like Edgewood Summit!"

Alice Ann, resident

"I knew I had a wonderful place to live here at Edgewood Summit but this Coronavirus has shown me I have a tremendous place to live. This place is a beautiful place with caring people. I love it and love the staff who have taken such good care of all of us. I could not have done it alone in my home. Thank you Edgewood Summit!"

Betty, resident

"It’s like I died and went to heaven! I love it here and am so relieved to be out of my house. I didn’t realize the burden and stress my home was causing me until I made this move. The other day I enjoyed the beautiful snow from my new apartment window and had no worries about how I was going to clear my driveway. People are so friendly here, both staff and residents. The food is also wonderful. I’m just so thankful!"

Carol, resident

“The staff has more than met my dreams and hopes for my ‘Golden Years.’ Thank you for your thoughtfulness and caring manner. I look forward to more happiness for many years in my new home.”

Betty, resident

“Thank you so much for making our move as easy for us as possible. Edgewood Summit is simply wonderful!”

Chuck & Jeri, residents

"I recently moved to Edgewood Summit in January of 2019. I could not ask for a better experience. Living here is just wonderful. Food is great, I have not had a bad meal yet. Everyone from staff to fellow residents are all so nice and friendly. As soon as I moved in I received cards and notes of welcome and invitations to dinner. I joined my new neighbors for dinner and had a wonderful time getting to know everyone. They even sang Happy Birthday to me when they learned it was my birthday. I am so happy I moved here. I could kick myself for not moving sooner."

Frances, resident

“The staff at Edgewood Summit surpassed all expectations. Their mindfulness, professional presence, and kindness will be remembered for years to come.”

Sue, resident

"I have recently moved here and am incredibly impressed with the way The Summit is run. The staff is devoted to the residents, my apartment is lovely, and there are so many activities I cannot possibly choose to do them all. I have found the socialization I was missing. I have more peace of mind because I no longer have to worry about the household maintenance or the lawn care. I know if I have a health emergency there will be experienced professionals to assist me. I am with the people with who will be with me as we grow old together. If I have to move on to assisted living or full term care, I will not be separated from my friends nor they from me. I am very thankful to everyone who made my transition run so smoothly."

Diane, resident

"The staff here at Edgewood Summit are lovely. They are always sensitive and kind. If you have a need, there is always someone to help you."

Ann, resident

"The experience for me has been short, sweet and unbelievably different from any other moves I have made in my life. Just for the record, I have logged 14 moves since my marriage in 1962 and, as I moved this time, I had just turned 80. So, it is just a matter of my opinion, "That it would be so very wise of anyone to move before turning 80."

Let me first say, it was not anything like what I have experienced in the past due to the world-wide unexpected pandemic, COVID-19. As my situation developed, it became increasingly clearer in early March that I needed to make a commitment quickly. It just so happened that I was blessed to have been in contact with the Edgewood Summit Marketing Group since January 2020 via phone and mail. We also, at the time, set up an appointment to have lunch with Stephanie Flanigan on January 16... We had quite a few lunches and the food was fantastic. The Marketing Team never gave up on me with providing information, genuine and obvious care, and understanding what my specific needs were. They helped me figure out how to move my belongings to the point that I was able to put the situation in a doable perspective.

The virus was closing in... and I was actually the last resident to move in before no more were allowed. I can't explain the amount of help that came my way. I was briefed on the benefits that could be mine too should I make the decision that I had been wanting to make for two years. I learned how the Edgewood family of healthcare and social support would benefit my quality of life. I'm thinking... this is for me. I lived alone for 20 years and would recommend this community. I love the area and its people for the social connections that I was missing. Even with the virus, life for me is a whole lot safer, healthier and happier.

Where else could one experience all this exciting wonder?"

Gwen, resident

"Shortly after I moved into Edgewood Summit, I was shopping for a kitchen rug. I found one that said “It’s good to be Queen” and I purchased it. Living here feels like that! I had lived in my former home for 44 years and had collected a lot of “stuff”. That was the hardest part about relocating to Edgewood Summit. Now, I am so happy that I have downsized and can enjoy life to its fullest.

Our maintenance staff is wonderful. A call to Sue at the front desk is all that is needed. She will generate a work order and it will be done promptly. No worries for us at all. As a home owner, it was always a problem when I needed a repairman, so I really do appreciate not having to worry about any maintenance.

We also have excellent housekeeping staff. My apartment is cleaned once a week at no additional cost to me. My housekeeper does an excellent job; she will also change my bed linens and wash and dry them for me. Recently they washed all of my windows, inside and out.

We have beautiful surroundings here. I love my Mountain View balcony. I sit there and watch for the full moon to come up each month. We have beautiful flowers that are blooming all season. We also have a butterfly garden near a gazebo and it is very relaxing to sit and watch the butterflies.

I have made so many new friends since I have been here. The atmosphere is a happy one! The staff is always ready to assist you in whatever your need is. They sincerely care."

Norma, resident

Let me tell you about a recent wow story about our maintenance supervisor, Mike.

I haven’t driven our car since early September in 2020 because of a lengthy illness. My daughters would occasionally drive or start the vehicle but due to recent bad weather (snow and heavy rains) somehow starting the car slipped through the cracks. After the storms, warmer weather arrived and, wouldn’t you know it, the car wouldn’t start! Now I was left with having to figure out how to get my car battery jumped or replaced which is a hassle I didn’t need. Enter Mike who heard about my situation and immediately presented me with a solution.

Thanks to Mike, who had access to a battery charger and charged the battery for us, we were able to use the car without having to have it towed down the hill to a garage. One of the best parts of Living at Edgewood Summit is having people like Mike who are always looking out for you. I am thankful for people like Mike who makes living at Edgewood Summit a blessing!

Jean, resident

Family’s perspective.

"Through the five years that my father lived at Edgewood Summit I always enjoyed chatting and sharing stories about my family with all of you. Thank you for the love, care and support you gave my dad every single day of his life at Edgewood Summit. He truly loved each of you. He was happy and content knowing that he was surrounded by friends. Our family will be forever grateful for the joy you brought into our lives. We cannot sing your praises enough. Each one of you deserves a personal "thank you" for the way you enhanced Dad's life. There will be many stories shared about each of you and your kindness to me, to the members of my family, and to my father."

Ann, resident's daughter

My Mother lived in Edgewood Summit and moved to Ridgemont three years ago...the staff at both facilities are out of this world..we feel like our mom is their priority....we would recommend this place to everyone."

Mary Beth, resident's daughter

"The services are first rate and very impressive. From the quality of dining and the wide range of daily activities for the residents, to the nursing and therapy sessions that not only help the residents but reassure family members, the services offered are clearly first-class. In terms of activities, with movies, yoga, musical programs, exercise classes, shopping trips, reading groups, interesting speakers, ice cream socials – really, who could ask for more?

But the most impressive part of Edgewood Summit – by far – is the people who work there. In a world in which it is difficult to find quality, committed talent, virtually all the staff we met at Edgewood were amazing. From senior management through to the nursing staff, from the maintenance workers to the ladies that provide the nightly turn down service, they were uniformly impressive. They not only perform their duties with professionalism and competence, but actually engage with and care about the residents. This, to me, is what makes Edgewood Summit so special, and a place that our family is happy to have supporting my mom in her senior years."

George, resident's son

“Thank you for the loving, competent care you gave my mom. Every day, she enjoyed good food, clean clothes, pleasant surroundings, fun things to do, excellent medical care, and especially the good company of cheerful, compassionate people.”

Colleen, resident’s daughter

“The quality of care my mom received at Arthur B. Hodges was exceptional. The ability for mom to visit with her friends was also very important. Thank you for your help. It made a difference.”

David, resident’s son

“As the team responsible for my mom’s care, you made my life so much easier. You provided consistently the best of care in a beautiful environment, allowing the residents to live with grace, dignity, and as much independence as possible, yet always being watchful and attentive to their needs. My husband, friends and I are glad to know you will be there for us in the future.”

Melanie, resident’s daughter

“Each individual staff member has been personable, respectful and in tune with the needs of the residents of Edgewood Summit and their families. And for that, I thank you.”

Ginny, resident’s daughter

“Edgewood Summit is a beautiful place, well maintained and impeccably decorated. Your friendliness takes it deeper. It meant the world to me to know mom was among folks who cared about her and would help her in any way.”

Mary Beth, resident’s daughter

"The sun may not always shine at the Summit, but the people do."

Sharon, resident's friend


You have a great reputation and all the patients there love being part of the Edgewood Summit environment.

William L. Harris, MD., P.L.L.C. & Office Staff, Family Physician & Geriatrician


Being a chef takes a lot of commitment and passion, but even my worst days at Edgewood Summit are better than my best days at other places. You have to love others more than yourself and I definitely love to our residents. Edgewood Summit has been great to me for the past 22 years and has been the best job I have ever had.

Jeff, Chef

I am so thankful that they have invested in me and believed in me to help me succeed! I have learned so much from the employees and Residents and have made life- long friendships that feel like home to me. Edgewood Summit is definitely one of a kind and its employees continue to make sure we are #1 in the state!

Sarah, HR Coordinator

I love coming to work everyday, I actually miss it when I’m not here. Everyone at Edgewood is so kind and nice, and I have wonderful supervisors whom have taught me so much in this new position. thank God everyday that I have a great job and a job that I like so well. Thanks Edgewood Summit for hiring me. I have found my forever job!

Ashley, Lifestyles

The people here are one of a kind and quickly become your family! The nonprofit status we maintain allows us to stay involved and in control of our day-to-day operations and gives the resident body a voice, which is very important to me. I could not imagine my life without Edgewood Summit, and when comparing the longevity of the employees here, a lot of others feel the same as I do!

Holley, Marketing

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