A group of older adults outside on a walk

What Is an Active Adult Lifestyle and Why Do Senior Living Communities Have Residences for Retirees?

A study by AARP found that nearly 90% of seniors want to stay in their home for as long as possible. However, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services found 70% of seniors 65 and over will need some form of long-term care for an average of three years throughout their lifetime. So, how do you balance a feeling of home with the practicality of a plan for the future?

Many older active adults are striking this perfect balance by moving to an independent living community. To see if this is an option that could give you the freedom and peace of mind you want, read on.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living can be a stand-alone community or a level of living at a Life Plan Community like Edgewood Summit. Our community offers an active lifestyle and freedom from the hassles of home maintenance with helpful services and amenities to make things easier and more convenient. At Edgewood Summit, the lifestyle our 34-acre campus offers a fitness center, restaurant-style dining room, café, salon and spa, library, arts studio, scheduled transportation, housekeeping, dog park and more.

Independent Living Benefits

If you’re a new retiree who’s looking forward to finally having the time to pursue your interests, consider how much of it you currently spend on household chores. Or maybe you want to travel across the country or around the world but the thought of leaving your home unattended keeps you from doing it.

Independent living that’s part of a Life Plan Community can be ideal if you’re active and in good health. You can continue to live life as you do now, with freedom from household responsibilities. Plus, with 24/7 security and a talented staff, you’ll know everything will be looked after while you’re away.

Of course, even with all that, it can be hard to know what to do. One of the best ways to make a more informed decision is to spend time visiting retirement communities. It’s a great way to talk with residents about their lifestyle and see the benefits of independent living for yourself: 

Being social: Communities often have monthly calendars filled with daytrips, dances, book clubs, educational lectures, fitness and art classes, and shopping excursions, making it easy to meet others.

Maintenance-free living: Imagine what you’d have time to do if you no longer had to worry about housekeeping, cooking, or home upkeep and repairs. Independent living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle that gives you more time to pursue life’s possibilities.

Volunteer opportunities: Most senior living communities offer a variety of volunteer opportunities on and off campus. You could volunteer to be on a community committee or club. You could also join other residents in volunteering at an area school, hospital, library or community center.

Dining: You can enjoy nutritious, delicious meals from a well-balanced menu prepared by a talented culinary team. Most communities also offer a variety of dining venues from a more formal dining room with an attentive wait staff, to a grab-and-go bistro or cafe´. 

Health and wellness: Fitness is essential to remaining active and engaged. One big benefit of independent living is having access to a fitness center with equipment and classes designed specifically for older adults. Communities also have wellness programs focused on your physical, intellectual, spiritual and social well-being.

Reaching the Summit Is Just the Beginning

When you compare the cost of living in your current home with all you’ll get at Edgewood Summit, you’ll realize moving may be more affordable than you think. To learn more about our independent living lifestyle, call us at 304-346-2323 or contact us here.