Decoration ideas for independent living apartment balcony

Design Ideas That Will Elevate the Look of Your Senior Apartment Balcony

7 Design Ideas to Elevate the Look of Your Independent Living Apartment Balcony

Moving to an independent living apartment often means rightsizing your belongings to a more manageable state. But it also gives seniors an opportunity to decorate their new home exactly how they want. In many independent living communities, you’ll have the luxury of a private balcony. The top elements you’ll want to consider are maximizing space, making it reflective of your personal style, and above all, creating a space that transports you to a place of peace without leaving your own home. These balcony design ideas are the perfect inspiration to make the most of your new outdoor space.

Go Vertical
There’s only so much room on a balcony. But not to worry, there are plenty of ways to utilize every inch of a small space. The trick is to utilize vertical space to lend some breathing room to its horizontal square footage. Rather than spreading planters across the floor, try stacking them on a shelf or attaching planter boxes directly to the wall. Another good tip is to hang planters and even swinging chairs from your balcony’s ceiling. A trendy alternative is to install a hedge wall, completely covering one of all of your walls with lush greenery.

Color Pops
When brainstorming apartment balcony ideas, consider that a little color can go a long way in small spaces. You can then also add accent pillows, rugs, or other decorations in your favorite color for additional pop. A standard design tip for apartments – both inside and on patios or balconies – is that darker or too many different colors can make your space feel smaller than it is. Add your own personal flair, but be careful not to stifle the space itself.

Bistro Style
An intimate, French-inspired bistro balcony idea is perfect for those who love to dine alfresco but don’t want to expend a lot of effort. Use a small foldable table and two chairs as the centerpiece of your balcony. Then, simply string warm-toned lights from the ceiling or walls and surround the table with a few green plants. 

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Cozy Lounge Area
One of the most popular balcony design ideas is transforming it into the ultimate lounge-around paradise. The first thing you’ll want to do is make the most of the seating space. A wrap-around couch that fits your balcony is ideal, but adding a simple bench with cushions or even a hanging hammock are great cozy small ideas. You can use curtains to close it off and bring a comfortable indoor feel outdoors. The key here is to fill your space with plenty of pillows, blankets and seating for maximum cozy capacity.

Minimalist Chic
Balcony decoration ideas don’t have to be grand to be beautiful. If you prefer a subtle and sleek look, minimalist design is perfect for your balcony. A few well-placed planters, a couple of chairs and a simple table are all you need to achieve this look. While a pop of color can add some flair, true minimalist design uses only two or three soft colors. White, black and brown are the typical go-to color schemes for minimalist lovers. Try sticking with flat-brushed black iron and darker wood tones. Let your plants take the color spotlight.

Rustic Look and Feel
The classic rustic style is one of the most popular decor ideas for apartments, transporting you to the quaintness of the countryside. For your balcony , you’ll want to use a mix of warm colors and vintage-looking furniture. Live-edge wooden coffee tables, pine planter boxes, and whiskey barrel side tables are perfect for country flair. You can also create a simple bench using a few cinder blocks and dark-stained 2x4s. And don’t forget to accent your walls with decorative pieces like old, worn tools.

Zen Garden
Adding natural elements to balcony decor can easily transform it into a calming, Zen-like escape. Incorporate features like wooden planters, a water feature, and a small rock or sand display to create the peaceful atmosphere you’re looking for. You can also add a touch of themed greenery such as a bonsai tree or hanging vines to complete the look.

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