How Independent Living Communities Give You More Free Time

Moving to an independent living community adds many things to the lives of seniors looking to make the next chapter of their lives the best one yet. Socialization, engaging activities, lifelong care – the list goes on. Of all the phenomenal benefits of independent living communities, the one that enhances seniors’ lives the most is time. In senior living communities, the tedious chores and burdens of everyday life are completely taken care of by a helpful team. This means residents’ days are freed up to spend as they please.

group of senior residents playing games and eating together

Maintenance-Free Living

It’s easy to overlook how much time we actually spend cleaning our homes. According to a study conducted by the American Cleaning Institute, 28% of Americans spend more than seven hours each week cleaning their homes. That’s essentially an entire day taken up just trying to keep the house clean. When seniors move into independent living homes, they reclaim that day for their own. Most senior living communities like Edgewood Summit provide complete interior and exterior maintenance, as well as housekeeping and flat linen services.
Maintenance-free living in retirement communities in Charleston, WV, also means all landscaping, yardwork, and repairs are also taken care of for you. You’ll save time and energy without pesky lawn care, and you’ll also save money. As most homeowners know, home repair costs add up over time. In your senior apartment at a retirement community, a friendly and capable handyman is always just a call away.

senior couple having lunch together at independent living community

Eating Well with Less Stress

Another of the many benefits of independent living in Charleston, WV. is the variety of delicious and nutritious dining options available. Americans spend more than eight hours per week cooking. And while some truly enjoy the art of cooking, few look forward to meal planning and worrying about making a healthy dinner every night of the week. Retirement communities take that stressor away. Communities like these, including Edgewood Summit, have extensive dining programs and even restaurant-style venues directed by an executive chef and an entire culinary team. . They ensure a variety of meals are always available to suit any taste and occasion. A nutrition specialist is often on staff to ensure every meal is full of nourishment, further saving you precious time, energy, and frustration that can come from trying to keep a healthy diet.

active adults, couple walking on a beautiful path

Health Care Peace of Mind

In addition to independent living, not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Communities like Edgewood Summit have several levels of additional care on-site. A full continuum of care includes assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation. For residents, this means they can live the lifestyle they want without worrying about  having to move somewhere else to receive additional care if they ever need it – a serious concern many seniors have today in the face of rising open-market health care costs. Seniors who live in a community are able to spend their time where it matters most to them, rather than fretting over unexpected care you may someday need.

senior resident taking time to enjoy painting a picture

Convenience Where You Live

A glorious benefit of independent living in Charleston, WV, is having everything you need right where you live. No more spending time driving to a doctor appointment, taking trips to the gym, planning meals, getting groceries, or driving to the salon. Countless appealing amenities and services are offered on-site within the community – one of the many elements that make independent senior living costs completely worthwhile. Plus, if you want to stretch your legs and get out of the house, many independent living communities like Edgewood Summit are conveniently located near all the places you’d want to go. Communities like these often offer scheduled transportation services, so you don’t need to worry about how you’ll get around.

In this one-of-a-kind senior living community, we’re dedicated to helping residents make the most of each day. The maintenance-free lifestyle here offers unlimited freedom to take advantage of the wide array of engaging activities and fulfilling programs Edgewood Summit provides. It’s truly independent living. To learn more about all we offer, contact us through our website or call us anytime at 304-346-2323. Save Time, Live Better at Edgewood Summit.