Senior woman holding a photo from Craig Hudson

New Exhibition at the Art Store Opened by Resident and Daughter Duo

Edgewood Summit resident Dolly Hartman, 86, has been a painter her entire life. She followed in her own mother’s footsteps, taking up painting as she grew older and had children, mostly painting oil and watercolor portraits of her children and others are her home state of West Virginia. Her daughter, Mary, also developed a creative passion for painting, and after majoring in Art History at Davidson College in North Carolina and then a masters in fine arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design, her mother knew she was destined for a lifelong career in the arts. Throughout the years after Mary graduated, her and her mother have painted together numerous times, and opened their first exhibition together in 1999 at West Virginia State University. Then again in 2000 at Taylor Brooks.

Then after some time away, the mother-daughter duo opened “Lines & Lineage”, their new exhibition at the Art Store. Their first showcase in 18 years, and a tribute to their inter-twined lives throughout the years.

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Photo courtesy of Craig Hudson of the Charleston Gazette-Mail