Seniors putting candy and toys in eggs for an event

The Easter Bunnies of Edgewood Summit

Residents Celebrating 11th Year of Stuffing Eggs for Area Easter Egg Hunts

The brightly colored plastic eggs and giant bags of candy are filling the tables at Edgewood Summit once again this year. In 2018, the community will celebrate its 11th year as the area’s “secret” Easter bunnies.

The Edgewood Summit residents stuff 15,000 eggs every year. Those eggs are eventually taken and distributed to hunts across Kanawha County.

“I look forward to the stuffing party every year,” said resident Dorothy Robey. She’s been a secret Easter bunny for six years at Edgewood Summit. “This is a time I can enjoy spending with my friends at Edgewood Summit, while giving back to the greater community.”

More than a dozen residents sit side by side during the stuffing party. The plastic eggs are filled with a variety of chocolate and chewy sweets, and sealed with a piece of tape.

Lifestyle Director Michelle Romine has been helping to organize the event for several years. She says the residents enjoy the socialization and friendships made while prepping the eggs.

“It’s fun to listen to the group reminisce about the time when their kids were little and searching for the eggs,” said Romine. “This event gives them a sense of purpose and joy to imagine all the kids rushing to find eggs filled with candy at Magic Island.”

It takes the residents about a week to package all the eggs for each hunt. About 10,000 eggs will be taken to the Magic Island Easter Egg Hunt, and 5,000 will be used in South Charleston’s hunt.

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(Photo source: Chris Dorst, The Gazette-Mail)