Meet our leadership team.

Edgewood Summit has approximately 130 full-time employees, with longevity rates that speak highly of the rewarding culture at the community.

At the helm, our executive director oversees all daily operations. This includes managing resident care, creating an attractive environment, and providing services in an efficient manner, all while maintaining the high standards of the community.

Key members of the management team include:

Diane Gouhin

Diane Gouhin

Executive Director
Cherie Litton

Cherie Litton

Marketing Director
Andy Barker

Andy Barker

Administrator, Arthur B. Hodges Center & The Ridgemont
Cindy Crihfield

Cindy Crihfield

RN, Director of The Ridgemont

Our board of directors

Edgewood Summit is governed by a board of directors and on-site managers. The board of directors, consisting of 18 volunteers from the Charleston area, sets the vision and oversees the community’s development, operational standards, financial health and strategic planning for the future.

The current board of directors includes:

  • John Strickland, President
  • Camden Siegrist, Vice President
  • Amy Condaras, Treasurer
  • Steve Rubin, Secretary
  • Cindy Barnette
  • Jane Cline
  • David Elliot
  • Dan Foster
  • Georgette George
  • Betty Scott Ireland
  • Sallie McClaugherty
  • Bill Mullet
  • Phyllis Osenton
  • Cyndi Persily
  • Drema Pierson
  • Robert Simpson Jr.
  • Reed Spangler

If you have questions about our team, please complete the form on this page. We’ll reply to your request promptly.