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The Value of Assisted Living in Charleston, WV

Senior living communities, like ours in Charleston, WV., that offer assisted living services are a great option for older adults who just need a little personal care assistance with daily activities and want access to care only as they need it. Plus, these communities come with an incredible variety of benefits that enrich life and make retirement much more enjoyable.
If you’re curious about the details of assisted living and how to pay for it, read this quick guide from Edgewood Summit to find out how you can maintain your  independent lifestyle with just the right amount of help from our care team. 

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living provides older adults support with activities of daily living (ADLs). Assisted living neighborhoods at Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) like The Ridgemont at Edgewood Summit are perfect for seniors who need help with things like bathing, grooming, dressing, managing medications, and more. Though an on-site care staff is always there to help day or night, residents are encouraged to maintain their independent lifestyle and live with confidence.
Every person is unique and no two people age the same way. At The Ridgemont at Edgewood Summit, we work with each family and resident to develop individualized service plans to promote independence while providing needed support and unmatched hospitality. 
In addition to assisted living services available at our retirement community in Charleston, WV, higher levels of care are available at The Arthur B. Hodges Center, our exceptional on-site health center that offers skilled nursing, memory care and rehabilitation. While skilled nursing is exclusively for our current residents needing a higher level of care, we take direct admissions from the public to our memory care program.

What Is the Value of Assisted Living? 

The cost of assisted living varies by community, but prices usually depend on the location of the community you’re interested in, the size of your assisted living floor plan, the amount of assistance you require, and the number of services and amenities available.
Many retirement communities, like ours in Charleston, WV, have affordable monthly fees for assisted living. If you or a loved one needs assisted living services immediately, we accept direct admission from the public, which means it’s never too late to get the necessary, personalized care to maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible. Plus, you’ll receive priority access to a continuum of care, including our skilled nursing services, should it ever be needed. 
It’s important to note that you should never base your choice of retirement community on price alone. Social connections, wellness programs, cultural experiences, healthy and delicious dining options, personalized care, and opportunities to explore new interests are important for a happy and fulfilling retirement. Once you find the ideal community, you’ll be surprised how much value there is in assisted living.

What’s Included with Assisted Living? 

Your monthly service fee covers a variety of services and amenities for your enjoyment. The range of services and amenities in senior living communities depends on the interests of its residents, but these are some basics you can expect at most communities:

  • 24-assistance with activities of daily living
  • Medication Management
  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Housekeeping services
  • Art studios
  • Exercise rooms
  • Group activities 
  • Scheduled transportation to local medical appointments or off-site events
  • A full calendar of activities

We take services and amenities to the next level at Edgewood Summit. Here are just a few extras your monthly service fee covers at our retirement community:

  • Community terrace, patio and gardens
  • Community clubs
  • Café
  • Classrooms
  • Social lounge
  • Salon/spa
  • Sundry shop
  • Therapy gym
  • Wellness programs
  • Dog park

One of the most notable benefits of living in a senior living community like Edgewood Summit is the abundant social opportunities. Whether you’re an independent living resident or a resident who needs assisted living services, there’s always a group of people who can’t wait to spend time with you.

How to Pay for Assisted Living

Social Security covers a portion of assisted living costs, but you’ll need personal resources (like the sale of a home, annuities, or pensions), long-term care insurance, or help from family to cover the total cost.
If you’re an eligible veteran, you can pay for a part of assisted living costs with the VA health care program. As long as you’re signed up for health care with the VA, their experts confirm you need daily assistance for a high-quality life, and the retirement community you’re interested in is available near your current residence, you’ll most likely receive extra money to cover the cost of assisted living services.

Learn More About Assisted Living at The Ridgemont at Edgewood Summit

The Ridgemont at Edgewood Summit has been certified Deficiency-Free by the Office of Health Facility Licensure & Certification, which means you can expect the highest level of care in an optimum environment. Receiving a deficiency-free rating is a top indicator of excellence and is the best score a senior living community can receive. 

Do you or a loved one need assisted living services right now? Edgewood Summit is accepting direct admission to our assisted living neighborhood. To learn more about The Ridgemont at Edgewood Summit or how you can secure high-quality health care for your future at our top-rated Arthur B. Hodges Center, contact our community online or call us at 304-345-2323. We’d love to hear from you!