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Benefits of Assisted Living in Charleston, WV

You are an an older adult, and try to stay active as much as possible. Of course, you wouldn’t mind a little more activity. Truth, you need a little assistance with some of your activities of daily living, but not that much, and not that often — just a bit here and there throughout your day.
And yes, you wouldn’t mind improving your quality of life. Then there’s having peace of mind knowing you’ve got help onsite in case of an emergency; you know your adult children and other family members would appreciate that peace of mind, too.
Assisted living services at The Ridgemont at Edgewood Summit in Charleston, WV might just check all these boxes for you.
When you look into an assisted living community — especially one that’s part of a larger senior living community — you’ll see the benefits are pretty plentiful.

Seven Benefits You’ll Enjoy by Moving to an Assisted Living Community

Benefit #1: You’re finally off the hook on maintenance and house chores. Look at the list:
Mowing, raking, shoveling snow, cleaning the gutters, trimming back the trees, maintaining the landscaping, cooking, washing dishes, laundry, dusting, cleaning the bathrooms — how are you not exhausted by the end of every week? And then another week starts. But if you live in an assisted living residence, that’s all taken care of for you by our helpful and handy staff. If you’re wondering what you’ll do with all your newfound free time

Benefit #2: You have activities, amenities, opportunities and possibilities just outside your door. Seriously, many assisted living residents say they’re busier than ever. Most senior living communities offer residents monthly activities that suit their interests. Classes, movies, off-campus trips, speakers, cornhole tournaments, tailgate parties, music concerts … these are just a few of the things that might be on the activities calendar. 

Benefit #3: Enjoy chef-made dishes and multiple dining venues. You can still cook in the kitchen of your assisted living apartment if you want to. But you might not want to cook again once you try breakfast, lunch and dinner items when they’re all made by a professional culinary staff.

Benefit #4: That peace of mind thing? You’ll have it, and so will your family members. While you’re busy enjoying the lifestyle, you also know you can get 24-hour help with medication management, bathing, getting dressed, moving about, using the restroom, and nearly any other activity of daily living from our licensed nursing staff. You also have an emergency response system in your senior apartment. That’s what assisted living communities offer: quality senior care for a better quality of life.

Benefit #5: You’ve got a community of new friends to make. Senior living communities are home to some of the brightest, most well-traveled, interesting, funny people with diverse backgrounds, hobbies, and experience from their former careers. They also just happen to be 65 and older. As a new resident, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover how easy it is to connect with every one of them.

Benefit #6: If you’re in a senior living community with a continuum of care, you’re set. If you’ve looked into retirement living, you might have come across these phrases: Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and Life Plan Community. Truth is, they mean the exact same thing. They describe a community like Edgewood Summit, one that offers independent living, plus higher levels of senior care, which include assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation

So if you eventually need more care, you can receive that care at the Life Plan Community you’re already living in (which you’ll remember is the same thing as a CCRC). If you have a spouse who’s not ready for assisted living, they can move into independent living. You won’t be separated by driving distance; you and your spouse are on the same campus, and can still eat meals together, participate in activities together, and see each other every day.

Benefit #7: You can be in control of the conversation with family members over the holidays. As the busy holiday season approaches, your family members may all be gathering together for the first time since the last holiday season. Or maybe it’s been even longer due to the pandemic. The top benefit of assisted living is, it offers you control. You can still live as independently as possible — you’ll also have the help you need, when you need it.  
Knowing all this, you can initiate the conversation about assisted living, instead of your son or daughter bringing it up over holiday dinner. You can stay in control of your decisions — and that’s just as it should be.

Do the Benefits of Assisted Living services intrigue you?

Then it’s time to take a closer look at Edgewood Summit, Kanawha Valley’s only locally owned, not-for-profit Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). A senior living community with the continuum of care right on-site, including assisted living.

 Something else important: Edgewood Summit is proud to say we’ve got many long-tenured employees on staff, which speaks volumes about the quality of our senior living environment. And residents and their families love sharing rave reviews about how happy they are with Edgewood Summit. Both our long-tenured staff and resident and family testimonials serve as powerful evidence toward the fulfilling lifestyle you’ll find here.

Of course, nothing beats a firsthand look. So take a virtual tour of our campus. Schedule your own personal tour, explore the costs of living at Edgewood Summit; then discover our floor plan finder. Now you’ll be more than ready to share what you’ve learned with your family members about assisted living near Charleston, West Virginia. You might even be ready to make your move.