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You Don’t Have to Be Retired to Live in a Retirement Community

When most people think of a retirement community, they automatically think that it’s for people who are retired. This makes sense, given the name, but now more than ever, some older adults are considering the many advantages of senior living, even while they’re still working.

A retirement community doesn’t require you to be retired, there’s just an age restriction for potential residents. The lifestyle that’s attracting people who are 65 and older to these communities include maintenance-free living, great dining options, organized activities and convenient access to services and amenities, social events and friends. Not only that, you’re also acting on a plan for the future that will provide you with a sense of security and peace of mind.
But, there’s no rule that states you’re not allowed to go out into the world, be productive and continue to do the things you enjoy. There are so many benefits of moving to a retirement community while still working.

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Statistics that May Surprise You

Reverse mortgage lender American Advisors Group released the results of an extensive survey recently that sheds quite a bit of light on this new trend of older adults choosing to work well into what would be considered retirement age.
The survey found that 46% of the Americans who were asked said they plan to work part-time after they retire from full-time work.

Also, 18% of those surveyed said they plan to work past age 70, and 12% said they have no plans to stop working full-time ever.

The pandemic was a major factor in the results of this survey. The 18% who said they’ll work past 70 is up from 8% in 2019. And, the 12% who plan to work for their entire lives is up from 6% from that same timeframe.

The Benefits of a Living in a Retirement Community

Even if you’re not retired, there are so many lifestyle improvements you can make by moving to a retirement community like Edgewood Summit. More and more seniors are seeing the services and amenities of the maintenance-free lifestyle as something they look forward to so much that they can’t wait until they retire to begin to enjoy them. And some older adults just love what they do and choose to keep doing it.

Imagine coming home from a workday and having zero housework to do. You don’t have to go back out to run errands. You don’t have to stock the fridge and plan your meals. If the water heater breaks, help is a quick phone call away. Don’t feel like vacuuming? A housekeeping service is an option you can choose.

You also have access to a spectacular formal dining room, a casual café, reservable private dining rooms, and catering services for your apartment or a social room. You have no more dishes to wash, no more pots and pans to scrub. Instead, use that time to attend a happy hour, or just go relax with friends in the lounge. Take an exercise class in the fitness center that’s right down the hall. Read a book. Your time is yours to spend however you desire.

And at Edgewood Summit, there’s an art studio, seminars and classes available to take, special interest clubs to join, a salon and spa right in the retirement community, and on-site devotional services. If all this sounds good to you, but you want to keep working, you have the option of enjoying the best of both worlds.

A Plan for the Future

Edgewood Summit is a continuing care retirement community; (CCRC). This means you’ll have access to several forms of assistance, should you ever need them. If you’re considering moving to a retirement community before you’re retired, then you’re looking for a fun, active and easy lifestyle, plus, having a well-defined robust plan for your future can bring a sense of security and real peace of mind.

You’ll enjoy our beautiful, spacious independent living choices and dining options while you take advantage of the maintenance-free fun all around you every day. And if you ever should require other living options, you’ll learn how a CCRC can check all the boxes. We have assisted living, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and memory care available. This means that no matter what may happen later on, you’ll always be able to call Edgewood Summit home.

If this fun and friendly lifestyle sounds inviting to you, and the wellness opportunities and financial security that Charleston, West Virginia’s, only continuing care retirement community can provide sound like they’re worth looking into, contact us. We’re also Kanawha Valley’s only locally owned, not-for-profit CCRC, situated on our gorgeous mountaintop campus.

And be sure to ask us about our currently running discount of up to 20% on entrance fees on select apartments.