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Top Reasons Seniors Prefer Independent Living

4 Reasons Seniors Prefer Independent Living Communities

They say wisdom comes with age. So, it would follow that as we get older, we learn there are just some things we can no longer do or, frankly, want to do. These might include cleaning the house, taking out the garbage, laundry and yard work. Heck, most of us didn’t enjoy doing these chores as a kid. Why continue to do them when we’re older and wiser?
If you’re ready to ditch the chores and spend your time more wisely, maybe you should look into independent living. No, not a nursing home. A community of your peers who share your interests and life experiences. People you can be yourself around.

Why you should investigate the idea of independent living:

1. Leave the chores to us. Live your life. 

At Edgewood Summit, we see more and more older adults choosing our independent living community in Charleston, WV. They’re tired of home upkeep; they want to expand their social circle, or would like to travel without maintaining their home year-round.
“I enjoy living in independent living versus my home for prepared meals, security, and the continuum of health care on-site. Best of all, I’m free from yard work and home maintenance. I also very much enjoy the socialization that I was missing when I lived in my private home.” Diane P.

2. Make new friends, social connections and enjoy new experiences.

Designed with active and healthy older adults in mind, our independent senior living in Charleston, WV is a far cry from traditional assisted living or nursing homes of the past. It’s a lifestyle that feels like a vacation: chef-prepared dining, fitness classes, opportunities to socialize, and a comfortable home to relax in at the end of the day.
“I like living in independent living versus my home because I have all I need: a very nice apartment where I feel safe, good food, housekeeping and maintenance service, planned activities, and nursing staff available 24 hours a day if I have an emergency. Staff is very friendly, and I have made lots of friends that I otherwise wouldn’t have met by staying in my home.”  Sue M.

3. Be better prepared for the what-ifs.

Senior living communities such as ours, a continuing care retirement community, offer a continuum of healthcare and medical services on-site, so residents won’t have to uproot themselves or their spouse if they experience a change in health.
“When my wife had a stroke, I knew we needed to be in a place that provided for our needs. I like living in independent living versus my home because I can remain independent, and know my wife is being well cared for.”  Webb A.

4. Be happier and stay healthier.

Residents of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs) are substantially happier, healthier, and have a greater sense of well-being.
A recent study by the Mather Institute revealed that CCRC residents, on average, experienced lower levels of stress and higher levels of resilience during the pandemic. This led to positive personal traits such as higher levels of extroversion, agreeableness and openness to new experiences. 

Seniors who move to independent living community while they’re active and healthy enjoy the vibrant lifestyle longer:

Friendships — Befriending people of the same age and with similar interests truly improves quality of life. No feelings of being alone. Independent living communities in Charleston, WV. offer many ways to socialize and get to know your neighbors.

Security — Remove worries about personal safety. Our senior living in Charleston, WV, provides 24/7 security, so you can rest easy and enjoy your surroundings at all times.

Transportation — With scheduled transportation, there’s no longer any need to pay for or maintain a car. It’s a helpful option for seniors who feel stressed about driving, especially at night. 

Activities — A maintenance-free lifestyle gives you more time to pursue a favorite hobby or pick up something new. Robust community activity calendars offer many things to do, events to attend and clubs to join.

Financial Stability — Planning your retirement at a CCRC is a way you can protect your finances and preserve your estate for heirs.

Continuum of Care — You can trust that all levels of senior care are on campus if ever needed. In addition to independent living, Edgewood Summit offers assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Peace of Mind — When it comes to your health and safety, you and your loved ones can relax. Your family won’t need to worry about what to do in the event of an emergency or make decisions on your behalf.

Don’t wait to enjoy your freedom

As one of the few CCRCs (continuing care retirement communities) in Charleston, West Virginia, we offer a rare combination of independent living, plus a full continuum of senior living options. Schedule a tour of Edgewood Summit to enjoy a delicious meal and discover our vibrant lifestyle. If you decide our community is the right place for you, enjoy up to 30% off the Resident Deposit for our most popular one-bedroom senior apartments.