a balcony with eclectic wood furniture and potted plants

Don’t Forget The Balcony: Seven Ideas Turn Your One-Bedroom Balcony into an Enchanting Extra Space

If you’re considering moving to a senior living community, there’s something to keep in mind as you review online floor plans: Outdoor spaces (like balconies) don’t show up in the residence’s square footage. However, with just a few balcony design ideas, you can turn this often overlooked space into a sanctuary with a view, an outdoor living room or a relaxing place to enjoy your morning coffee. In fact, it’s possible your balcony could easily become the most cherished feature of your apartment home.

To help you get more out of whichever senior apartment floor plan you choose, here are some balcony design ideas to get you started.

Home Décor Ideas for Outdoor Spaces

Rather than feeling like a separate space, your balcony should reflect your taste and style. Consider these balcony design ideas to help you create a more inviting place to enjoy the great outdoors.

  1. Mind the view: If you have a great view and your living room opens onto the balcony, draw the eye outward by arranging the furniture in your room to face the balcony.
  2. Like home, but outside: Treat your balcony like the extension of your home that it is. Decorate with outdoor throw pillows, a rug and candles.
  3. Create a comfy place to sit: Look for furniture made out of resin wicker, wrought iron, teak and plastic that can handle being outside. Or you can also look for vintage patio furniture and add new cushions to freshen it up. You may also want to consider space-saving furniture or options that can serve a dual purpose like ottomans that can used as storage.
  4. Add some green: Plants are great for sprucing (pun intended) up your space. Consider flowers like geraniums and begonias or sturdy plants like bamboo. If you like cooking with fresh herbs, a garden on your balcony puts fresh greens practically at your fingertips. When considering your options, be sure to keep in mind how much light your balcony gets. To save space, you can also consider adding window or railing boxes and tiered plant stands.
  5. Enjoy your privacy: If you want to be able to relax on your balcony, you may want to make it more private. Tall plants and climbing vines can provide a little more seclusion. You can also consider adding weatherproof textiles and fabric hangings to close off your space or if you need to add some shade.
  6. Tune in: If you love music, consider adding a waterproof portable speaker.
  7. Lighten things up: If you want a relaxing space that you can use even into the evening, add some lights with either an eye-catching pendant or string lights.
Group of seniors enjoying drinks on the patio

Don’t Overlook The Benefits of Having a Balcony

These balcony design ideas are just meant as a jumping off point for expressing your style. The best way to find inspiration is by checking out your options and dreaming about all the possibilities. You can start by viewing our floor plans here and exploring our photo galleries to get a feel for how cozy and comfortable life can be here at Edgewood Summit. See something you like? Come see it in person by contacting us to set up a visit.