Coronavirus Precautions: All results are in! | April 27, 2020

All results are in!

The residents and employees of the Arthur B. Hodges Center Memory Support and Skilled Nursing were all tested last Thursday, April 23, 2020 as mandated by WV Governor Justice’s executive order. We are pleased to report all of those tested last Thursday have resulted in no cases of COVID-19. This has been the absolute best result possible, and we are so grateful all of those tested are safe and healthy.

Thanks to all the staff for their efforts keeping themselves and our residents protected. Your efforts at disinfecting, wearing protective equipment, hand-washing, and more have made a huge difference in good infection control and containment practices. Although we collectively breathe a sigh of relief, we absolutely cannot let up. The COVID-19 virus is still present and we must continue to be diligent. We cannot lessen our efforts. Hang in there, staff and families, and take great pride in knowing our results have been worth the efforts. Stay safe and take care.