Coronavirus Precautions | April 21, 2020

Dear Edgewood Summit Residents and Families:

WV Governor Justice issued an Executive Order on Friday, April 17th directing all nursing homes throughout the state of West Virginia to test all those that reside and/or work in nursing homes for COVID-19. Since issuing the order, number of tests have been identified, and private testing facilities have aligned to perform the tests and expedite the collection of data.

Edgewood Summit has been directed to test the Residents at The Arthur B. Hodges Center in both the Skilled Nursing and Memory Support areas as well as all of the Staff who work or have worked in the building in the past 14 days.

The tests will be conducted prior to the end of this week and Residents and Families at the Hodges Center are being notified by phone or in person. No other tests are required at this time.

Although we hope the results of the tests will reveal no positive COVID-19 cases, Edgewood Summit is prepared for the possibility and have designated specific areas at the Hodges Center for isolation, personal protective equipment stations and assignments of staff. Residents who are positive will remain on-site if stable, and isolated to contain and protect others.

Monitoring and restrictions will continue and any test results and/or new information will be shared with our Edgewood Summit family and the government agencies involved in tracking and assessing the data.

Thank you for your continued cooperation in social distancing, wearing of masks, hand washing, sneeze/cough etiquette and reporting any symptoms of illness to our Nursing Department. The actions of everyone at Edgewood Summit have positively contributed to our favorable results thus far. Let’s all stay committed to “leaning in” and continuing the fight against this virus. Keep sending good thoughts and prayers to all. Take care. Stay safe.

Warm regards,

Diane Gouhin
Executive Director