COVID-19 Update – December 17, 2021

Edgewood Summit has not had any Residents or Employees test COVID positive this week and no one has reported any cold or flu like symptoms.  The two Employees who tested positive in the Ridgemont last week are self-isolating at home and doing well.  Testing of all Residents and remaining Employees in the Ridgemont last week revealed no additional cases.  Out of an abundance of caution, the Ridgemont wing isolated for several days as successive testing took place.  The all clear was given at the beginning of this week for which we are thankful.

The COVID-19 Omicron variant is spreading rapidly across the country with many states (New York, New Jersey, Maine and Michigan) reporting record numbers of hospitalizations from positive Omicron cases.  The transmissibility is very high and positive cases are doubling in most areas every 2 days.  The new variant is mutating and, in many instances, causing break-thru cases for those fully vaccinated.  The Booster dose appears to be the best defense against Omicron with a 74-80% effectiveness.  Public health officials are warning that the Omicron variant will be our next expected surge in positive cases.  At Edgewood Summit, screening upon entry, testing as appropriate, wearing masks and sanitizing will continue.  The dining room will still require proof of vaccination for dining in the group setting.  A pick-up order can be placed for dining in your apartment if guests are present who are not fully vaccinated.  Group activities where food and beverages are served do require masks to be worn by all except when you are eating and drinking.   Please continue to be vigilant as Omicron will pose a challenge to vaccinated individuals as well as the unvaccinated.  Help us keep everyone safe and healthy.

Edgewood Summit’s COVID Vaccination policy for Employees, Private Caregivers and Contractors went into effect to reinforce our focus on safety and health.  The Edgewood Summit policy is not impacted by recent court filings to halt President Biden’s vaccine mandates.  The enforcement will continue as directed.  Current vaccination rates are approximately 97.0 percent for Employees and the Resident vaccination rate remains at 100 percent for vaccination and Boosters. Boosters are urged for all who are fully COVID vaccinated.  For Moderna or Pfizer vaccinated individuals the Booster eligibility is 6 months after your second dose and with Johnson & Johnson after 2 months.  Please continue to help us in this fight by staying vigilant with wearing a mask, hand sanitizing and maintaining social distances, as appropriate.  We especially appreciate the willingness of those who are asked to test for COVID when necessary. 

Thank you and Happy Holidays to all!