COVID-19 Update | January 10, 2022

Edgewood Summit has had additional people test positive for COVID since our last update on January 7, 2022.  Unfortunately, the situation is very fluid and can change rapidly in a short period of time.  Please keep this in mind as updates are provided which may change several times within a 24-hour period.  There are 7 new Resident COVID cases and 5 new Employee positive cases.  The good news is all are seeing mild cold-like symptoms and are doing well.  Each individual who tests positive for COVID is asked to self-isolate and contact tracing is done as best possible.  Anyone at Edgewood Summit known to be exposed is contacted and testing offered. 

All information about the illnesses point to the Omicron variant which is proving to be different than the Delta and previous variants. As we learn more about Omicron, the procedures may be adjusted, if warranted.  Edgewood Summit errs on the side of caution where safety is concerned.  The CDC and the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department continue to be very helpful with information, resources and recommendations.

Entry to the main building is through the Independent Living lobby while The Ridgemont remains in outbreak protocols.  Only direct care Employees and privately employed Caregivers assigned to The Ridgemont may enter there.  Visitors are permitted in The Ridgemont for compassionate care visits only right now.  Please call ahead to the Nursing Department to arrange for this type of visit.

Testing continues to be available for those who experience symptoms or based upon exposure.  We encourage all to continue to use prevention measures such as wearing a good mask, hand sanitizing and maintaining social distances.  All Residents were provided a KN95 mask last week and asked to wear this type of mask or to wear 2 of the surgical types of mask.  The variants have proven to be quite contagious and breakthrough cases are increasing in West Virginia.   

Visitation is taking place as usual in all levels of living, with the exception of The Ridgemont whose visits are for compassionate care only.  No group activities and no group dining is taking place.  Events and meetings have been postponed for the next 2 weeks.  The situation will continue to be monitored and updates provided to keep everyone safe and informed.  Housekeeping and Transportation services have modified and the Beauty Salon is closed this week.   Health care areas at the Hodges Center will follow a modified schedule of services based upon needs of the Residents within those levels of living. 

The situation is monitored on a regular basis and updates will continue to be provided.  Please continue to be vigilant as we all continue to do our part. 

Thank you.