COVID-19 Update – January 5, 2022

Edgewood Summit had an additional Resident test positive for COVID this week which brings our total to three Residents.  All indications are the exposures were from outside the campus and no internal spread of the virus is identified at this time.  All who have tested positive are self-isolating within their homes and experiencing mild cold-like symptoms.  Nursing monitors their conditions routinely and meals are being delivered.

Testing continues to be available for those who experience symptoms or whose exposure or risk situations warrant a test.  We encourage all to continue to use prevention measures such as wearing a mask, hand sanitizing and maintaining social distances.  The variants have proven to be quite persistent and breakthrough cases are increasing in West Virginia.  Symptoms for COVID are very similar to a cold so please self-isolate and get tested when in doubt.  Self-isolation periods for fully vaccinated are for 5 days if no symptoms are present.  If symptoms exist, the self-isolation should continue for 10 days or when symptoms cease and two consecutive tests are negative.

The transmissibility of both the Omicron and Delta variants is in the beginning stages of a surge in infection rates.  The new variant is mutating and causing breakthrough cases for those fully vaccinated.  The Booster dose appears to be the best defense against Omicron with a 74-80% effectiveness.  At Edgewood Summit, screening upon entry, testing as appropriate, wearing masks and sanitizing will continue. 

Effective Thursday, January 6th, out of an abundance of caution, Independent Living group dining and group activities will be modified to meal delivery only and we will have virtual events for the next 2 weeks.  The situation will continue to be monitored and updates provided to keep everyone safe and informed.  Housekeeping services will modify to once every other week or upon request if in between appointments.   Transportation will be modified to essential service trips.  Health care areas at the Ridgemont and the Hodges Center will follow a modified schedule of services based upon needs of the Residents within those levels of living.  Beauty shop, therapy and other ancillary support services will continue with masks required at all times.

Please continue to be vigilant as Omicron will pose a challenge to vaccinated individuals as well as the unvaccinated.  We all need to do our part to continue help keep everyone safe and healthy.

Thank you.