COVID-19 Update | May 14, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recently released new general guidance on the use of Masks in regard to the COVID virus for those who are fully vaccinated.  We are encouraged by the news but also realize that we must be patient and wait on the detailed guidance for congregate care settings such as Edgewood Summit.    We must remember the guidance will apply to those who are fully vaccinated.  Therefore, until we receive final and specific guidance, all Residents must continue to wear masks in indoor public, common areas of the Edgewood Summit until clarifications have been received.  There is also no change in guidance for Staff at this time.

We need to remember the positive cases of COVID which continue to be found in our area and the United Kingdom variant strain which is predominant and highly contagious.  Positive COVID cases in Kanawha County are indicating probable cases of roughly 2,500 per day.  This is a signal that caseloads vary and we must realize mask mandates may have to remain in place in various locations and types of settings.   We have come this far and it is prudent to wait a bit longer to offer the very best chance at keeping our Community safe.

The Edgewood Summit vaccination rate remains high for Residents (99%) while the Employee and Auxiliary Staff rate is now just above 70%.   Unvaccinated Employees continue to be tested twice per week as mandated by Governor Jim Justice and our vigilant sanitizing efforts continue.  We have had no positive cases. 

COVID Vaccination at Edgewood Summit continues to be made available with the help of the local pharmacy partnership with RX by Tel.  Requests for vaccination can be made at our Reception desks.  Employee’s children and Resident’s grandchildren ages 12 and up are now eligible for vaccination.

Mask wearing outdoors for those fully vaccinated who are not in crowds is no longer required.  In addition, if all participating Residents have been fully vaccinated, masks are not required while dining or participating in activitiesIf some Residents are unvaccinated, masks are still required except when eating.  Otherwise, please continue to:

  • Get tested if symptoms of COVID are suspected.
  • Get screened upon entering the buildings at the main lobbies/reception areas.  Please do not enter without being screened. 

Onsite and virtual tours are welcomed. Contact our Marketing Department to hear about the lifestyle at Edgewood Summit along with current and new discounts available.  Please call 304-346-2323.