Updated Required Mask Information

In an effort to keep everyone safe here at Edgewood Summit, we are updating our mask policy to follow the latest CDC recommendations. Our new guidelines include the following:

Face masks with valves or vents are no longer permissible. They have proven ineffective in preventing the spread of Coronavirus. We are asking all residents and staff to immediately discontinue the use of this type of mask.

The study also revealed that the clear face shields worn around your head that cover your face DO NOT provide the necessary protection either. They can still be worn, but to be effective, must be worn ONLY in conjunction with a regular face mask.

All masks must COMPLETELY cover the nose and mouth at all times, so please see that your mask is adjusted properly for safe coverage.

Unlike before, masks are now readily available at most retail stores as well as Amazon. Homemade masks also offer protection from the virus.

We at Edgewood Summit are keeping current on what measures work the best and will continue to pass this information to you as it becomes available. Please follow these guidelines. It is important.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Diane Gouhin, Executive Director