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What to Look for in a Senior Living Floor Plan

How to Pick the Right Senior Floor Plan

You’ve decided to move to a retirement community. Now, how do you pick the right floor plan for you? Most retirement communities offer residences in a variety of sizes and layouts, so making a final decision can be difficult without keeping some key factors in mind.

We’ve compiled a list of six questions to help you determine what to look for in a senior living floor plan:

  1. What are you taking with you?

While you’ll be streamlining your belongings for your new lifestyle, there’ll certainly be some furniture pieces or other items you’ll take with you. Understanding how much space you’ll need in your new home will help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of or store, so you can narrow down the floor plans that work best.

2. What kind of layout do you prefer?

Do you like a more traditional layout where rooms are separated by wall, or would you prefer a modern layout that’s more open? Think about how you would use the spaces shown in the floor plan. They should comfortably work for all the things you normally do at home — cooking, TV watching, entertaining, working or relaxing.  

3. Which floor plans best fit your intended budget?

It’s wise to work within your current budget. Using an online tool like our affordability calculator will help you get a clear picture of the value of different floor plan options. Some residents start with a smaller apartment and move to a larger or different floor plan when availability allows. So pick a size of floor plan that won’t cause financial strain now.  

4. What rooms do you really need?

Living in a retirement community in Charleston, WV, means you’ll have an array of services and amenities steps from your door. It gives you the freedom to re-imagine how you want to live. Tired of cooking for yourself? There’s no need for a full kitchen when our senior living retirement community offers mouthwatering restaurant-style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hosting the occasional visitor? Our guest suites allow you to accommodate a friend or family member without the need for an extra room that’s hardly used.

5. Where are your favorite floor plans located?

Evaluate where your preferred apartment will be in relation to the rest of the retirement community. Do you want to be able to get to the clubhouse or dining venues without going outside? How close will you be to amenities you intend to use a lot, such as the fitness center or pool? What kind of view will you have from your residence? Take some time to think about what interests you, and list the pros and cons for the floor plans you’re considering.

6. How do you intend to use your new residence?

Do you see yourself at this new address full time or only part of the year? Will you be spending most of your time in your residence, or will you be engaged in community events and activities? Whether you’re building a permanent nest or are a snowbird, are a homebody or more outdoorsy, knowing how you’ll spend your days will shape your choice of a floor plan for independent living. 

Schedule a Tour to See Floor Plans in Person 

Answers to those questions will give you a better idea of which independent living floor plans to walk through when you tour your shortlisted retirement communities. As you evaluate each one in person, you’ll be able to observe what isn’t apparent during online research, including the sights and sounds that add or detract from a place’s appeal. Take notes or snap photos to remind yourself what you like or don’t like about each floor plan:

  • Are rooms spacious, or do they feel cramped?
  • Is there enough natural light for you?
  • Will you have a private balcony or patio, or is there a shared outdoor space?
  • Are doorways, cabinets and countertops the right height for you?
  • Is there a logical flow from room to room?
  • Do you see your furniture and other items fitting well within the floor plan?
  • Is there enough living space to entertain if necessary?
  • Is there enough storage space, or does the community provide storage?
  • Are you allowed to paint or otherwise customize the interior?
  • Can you hear your neighbors or any noise from outside?
  • What’s the view like?
  • Is there a parking space if you intend to keep a car?

Listen to Your Intuition

Only you truly know your lifestyle needs. You may have to look at numerous floor plans before you find the perfect one, but when you do, it will feel like home right away. For great examples of easy-to-love floor plans, schedule a tour at Edgewood Summit of our one-bedroom and two-bedroom senior apartments. Right now, they’re more affordable than ever, as we’re offering a discount of up to 25% on your entrance fee on select apartments. Contact us today to lock in this great deal!